base64 cipher Algorithm

However, block ciphers may also feature as building blocks in other cryptographic protocols, such as universal hash functions and pseudo-random number generators. block ciphers operate as important elementary components in the design of many cryptographic protocols, and are widely used to implement encryption of bulk data. The Atalla box protected over 90 % of all ATM networks in operation as of 1998, and Atalla merchandise still secure the majority of the universe's ATM transactions as of 2014.The publication of the DES cipher by the unite state National Bureau of standard (subsequently the America National Institute of standard and technology, NIST) in 1977 was fundamental in the public understanding of modern block cipher design. The modern design of block ciphers is based on the concept of an iterated merchandise cipher. In his seminal 1949 publication, communication theory of Secrecy system, Claude Shannon analyzed merchandise ciphers and suggested them as a means of effectively better security by combine simple operations such as substitutions and permutations.

base64 cipher source code, pseudocode and analysis