strassen matrix multiplication Algorithm

In linear algebra, the Strassen algorithm, named after Volker Strassen, is an algorithm for matrix multiplication. It is faster than the standard matrix multiplication algorithm and is useful in practice for large matrix, but would be slower than the fastest known algorithms for extremely large matrix. The Strassen algorithm is only slightly better than that, but its publication resulted in much more research about matrix multiplication that led to faster approaches, such as the Coppersmith-Winograd algorithm. Volker Strassen first published this algorithm in 1969 and proved that the n3 general matrix multiplication algorithm was n't optimal.

strassen matrix multiplication source code, pseudocode and analysis

We still necessitate 8 multiplications to calculate the Ci, J matrix, the same number of multiplications we necessitate when use standard matrix multiplication. practical implementations of Strassen's algorithm switch to standard methods of matrix multiplication for small enough submatrices, for which those algorithms are more efficient.