logistic regression Algorithm

In regression analysis, logistic regression (or logit regression) is estimate the parameters of a logistic model (a form of binary regression).Outputs with more than two values are modelled by polynomial logistic regression and, if the multiple category are ordered, by ordinal logistic regression (for example the proportional odds ordinal logistic model). 

However, the development of the logistic model as a general option to the probit model was chiefly due to the work of Joseph Berkson over many tens, beginning in Berkson (1944), where he coined" logit", by analogy with" probit", and continuing through Berkson (1951) and following years. The probit model was chiefly used in bioassay, and had been preceded by earlier work dating to 1860; see Probit model § history. The logistic function was developed as a model of population increase and named" logistic" by Pierre François Verhulst in the 1830s and 1840s.

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