lstm prediction Algorithm

For example, LSTM is applicable to tasks such as unsegmented, connected handwriting recognition, speech recognition and anomaly detection in network traffic or IDS's (intrusion detection systems).Relative insensitivity to gap length is an advantage of LSTM over RNNs, hidden Markov models and other sequence teaching methods in numerous applications. In the same year, Google released the Google Neural machine translation system for Google translate which used LSTMs to reduce translation mistakes by 60%.Apple announced in its Worldwide developer Conference that it would begin use the LSTM for quicktype in the iPhone and for Siri. Google started use an LSTM for speech recognition on Google voice. Felix Gers and his adviser Jürgen Schmidhuber and Fred Cummins introduced the forget gate (also named “ keep gate ”) into LSTM architecture, enable the LSTM to reset its own state.2000: Gers & Schmidhuber & Cummins added peephole connections (connections from the cell to the gates) into the architecture.

lstm prediction source code, pseudocode and analysis